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By now I’m sure you have heard about Charlie Gard. He’s an innocent 11-month-old baby boy who suffers from a rare genetic condition that requires him to breathe with the aid of a respirator. In this particular case, Charlie’s respirator is absolutely necessary to keep him alive until he can receive the proper care, which is experimental treatment in the United States. This is a basic medical need, yet the British government made the decision that the respirator must be removed—an action that will cause Charlie’s eventual death.

The government has deemed that this small child’s life is not worth living, and will not allow him to travel to the US to receive experimental treatment—even though the parents have raised over one million dollars in support of that care. It’s sick!


All over social media, people are speaking up in an effort to defend Charlie and save his life. Here are some things you can do to speak up for Charlie:


1. Let the Great Ormond Street Hospital know that it should do everything possible to help save lives, including Charlie’s. It should never kill anyone!


2. Sign petitions in support of Charlie’s right to live!


3. Donate to Charlie’s GoFundMe page to help him receive proper treatment.

Go Fund Me Page Charlie Gard


4. Post about Charlie all over social media and use the hashtags #CharlieGard and #CharliesFight

The more pressure the government gets, the greater the chance we have for Charlie’s survival!


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