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Emily is an abortion counselor at Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey. After working at the abortion facility for about a year, Emily discovered she was pregnant. She knew immediately that she would elect to have an abortion.


At first she thought she would write a blog after her abortion, but then she became inspired by a YouTuber who goes by Angie AntiTheist who made a video after taking the abortion pill RU-486. Crazy! So Emily decided a video needed to be made of a woman going through a surgical abortion.


Abortion video was a “special memory”

Emily asked her coworkers to film her during the abortion procedure. The video shows Emily humming, holding hands with staff, and the staff reaffirming that this was a strong and good decision. She made the claim in a Cosmopolitan interview that the abortion procedure was “as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab.”


Excuse me, birth-like? That was literally the exact oppose of birth. Birth is bringing a new being into this world; your procedure literally took your new child out of this world.


The feeling of guilt

Emily stated in her interview that the main purpose of filming the abortion was to help eliminate the feeling of guilt that many women feel. She’s right; many women do feel guilty before, during, and after their abortion procedure. But why is this?


Pro-aborts argue that an abortion procedure is a normal surgery and that women should feel no guilt at all. They say it should be as routine as dental surgery or knee surgery—procedures no one feels guilty about. If abortion is truly removing a clump of cells like pro-aborts argue, why does it evoke a feeling of guilt?


The answer should be obvious. Abortion is no casual surgery to be videotaped. It is the direct murder of a tiny human being under the façade of “women’s rights.” But unfortunately many people refuse to believe in the humanity of the preborn.


Our response

Emily’s video was hard to watch. Her disengagement, along with that of her coworkers, to the reality of abortion is difficult to comprehend.  This video greatly upset me, but we are not here to judge or yell and scream at Emily. It’s done. What she needs now more than ever is prayers. And I truly hope that one day this young woman will understand that humanity begins at creation (conception/biological beginning) and that an innocent life should never be taken for the convenience of another.


Header photo from Emily’s Video





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