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Who would have guessed that the organization that prides itself on killing children has some of the most cringe worthy Tweets of all time? We have seen a lot over the years, but Planned Parenthood’s blatant ignorance never seems to fail. So it wasn’t hard to compile some of the most ignorant, thoughtless, and just plain dumb Tweets from Planned Parenthood.


1. When Planned Parenthood’s Tweet is literally the pro-life movement’s argument:


2. According to Planned Parenthood, morals and faith justify supporting the killing of babies. Wait, what? 


3. When Planned Parenthood just wants to jump on the trending hashtag and fails at making a correlation to the climate and “reproductive health care”:


4. When it praises grandmothers for teaching their own grandchildren how to destroy their future great-grandchildren. Confusing? Yep.


5. When it made something straightforward two times more confusing. Uh “reversible”?


6. When Planned Parenthood’s imagination is clearly not reality. Most Americans do not want abortion legal. 


7. When it diverts from its abortion agenda to claim there are more than two genders: 


8. When the top abortion provider (a.k.a. motherhood destroyer) tries to claim it supports mothers: 


9. When Planned Parenthood is too focused on supporting Hilary Clinton to realize this is literally the exact opposite of what it does:


10. When its hashtag is all wrong: #TweetOfLies 


If you think these are bad, trust us, there are many more where these came from. Planned Parenthood is built on deception—from its three percent abortion rate inaccuracy to its false claims to women that abortion has no serious risks. So rightfully its Twitter account is full of deception too. Help us expose Planned Parenthood by sharing this article!





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