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Did you know there is such a thing as an abortion dress? Yep, you read that right. Women can now sport a dress covered with hearts and the word “ABORTION.” The saddest thing is that women are proudly wearing it.

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The word “abortion” has been glorified by Planned Parenthood and used casually so much that people have become desensitized to its meaning. Yet those of us who know and understand that abortion is the slaughter of an innocent child can never become desensitized to its meaning. Even basic sign language imparts its true nature. Look at how abortion is translated in sign language:

There is no hiding the truth about abortion. It is a vicious act that kills and removes a baby from his mother’s womb, and I would argue that the deaf sign clearly shows that. And to all those people who say “It’s not a baby yet,” I say FALSE! At the moment of creation (conception/biological beginning), a human being is created and continues to develop for the rest of his life.


The women wearing this dress are so desensitized by the act of killing a preborn child that they are willing to wear a dress showing off their love for murder. It’s truly sickening.


One way we can combat this nonsense is through our actions. While these women walk around in murder dresses, let’s walk around in dignified pro-life shirts! Let’s talk to our peers, friends, and family about respect for all human persons, starting at the moment of creation. Let’s bring the joy, love, and action that we see once a year at the March for Life into our everyday activities. I guarantee you that if everyone reading this article starts or continues doing these things we will begin to see a tremendous growth in creating a culture of life!





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