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Girls creator, actress, and avid abortion activist Lena Dunham is selling her own used clothes to support Planned Parenthood.


Along with other clothing items from her closet, Dunham is selling the dress she wore the day Donald Trump won the presidential election. All of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The dress has already sold for $125.


Think about this: Dunham is selling her own personal clothes to support a manipulative, greedy, baby killing organization. Did she ever think about donating her clothes to a homeless shelter or thrift shop? How about selling those clothes and use the money to clothe the poor, the homeless, or women in need? Those acts of kindness would have truly made a difference.


What saddens me the most is her complete and utter ignorance about Planned Parenthood. The organization makes $1,354.3 million dollars in just one year and Dunham still thinks that isn’t enough. On top of that, Planned Parenthood is continually caught covering up sexual assaults and providing botched abortions that many times end in a woman’s death. And most importantly, Planned Parenthood KILLS innocent babies on a daily basis while telling women the lie that “It’s not a baby yet.”


While Lena Dunham sells her wardrobe to honor a place that kills babies, Life Defenders will continue selling our shirts, which help SAVE not just babies but mothers too. Dunham’s drive to help Planned Parenthood has led us to encourage more people to proudly wear pro-life gear. We know the pro-life community is stronger than ever, and we—unlike Dunham—understand the truth. We are here, and will remain here, to support women and their babies!


Header photo from Flickr via @alien_artifact




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