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Previously we expressed concern with the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which glorified suicide. Now there is even more concern over its new series GLOW, which attempts to normalize abortion in one of its episodes. Of course, Planned Parenthood has praised Netflix for showing a woman’s decision to get a “safe, legal abortion.”


What the episode showed

Planned Parenthood always makes it sound like women are overjoyed to have an abortion, since in Planned Parenthood’s mind it’s a normal thing. So we watched the show ourselves to figure out what really happened.

First there was the scene that showed a woman named Ruth terrified after discovering she was pregnant. She couldn’t focus on anything, and it was visibly clear that she was overcome with worry and fear.

Then there was the following scene where she was at a roller skating rink and looked at a happy mom and her son. You could see that she was thinking about that happiness between the mom and boy.

Next the viewer saw the scene in which her friend Sam took her to the Planned Parenthood facility. The drive to the facility was mostly silent. You could see the fear in Ruth’s eyes. She smoked Sam’s cigarette as a means to help calm her nerves. While at Planned Parenthood’s desk, Sam tried to make light of the situation by saying, “Lucky for us we hate children.” He told Ruth that he felt obligated to ask her if this is what she wanted, to which she replied “yeah” after a long, petrified pause. She then reaffirmed her decision saying, “It’s not the right time; it’s not the right baby.”


During the abortion procedure we saw the doctor asking Ruth if she was “comfortable with the decision to end your pregnancy.” She responded by saying a slow and quiet “yes.” Throughout the procedure she closed her eyes, took deep breaths, looked in pain, and tried not to flinch.


What this show got right

Unfortunately, Netflix got just about every aspect of abortion right. The woman was terrified about her surprise pregnancy. She did not have a strong support system to assure her that she would be a great mother or that she could put the baby up for adoption. All of her actions were driven by and supported by some guy who took it upon himself to get her to the abortion facility. He supported the murder of her baby. The doctor at Planned Parenthood referred to the killing of the living human being in Ruth’s belly as “terminating a pregnancy.” Ruth was visibly in pain mentally and physically during her abortion.


Ruth’s constant worry, fear, and affirmation that this was “okay” was her conscience reminding her that abortion is murder. Just watching all of this should make the viewer feel sad and uncomfortable.

Planned Parenthood may “applaud” this episode claiming it helps “reduce the stigma and silencing that many women experience” and saying it “must replace misinformation with facts and support honest, authentic portrayals of the women who make this decision,” but we know the reality. We know that even though Planned Parenthood and the media try so hard to justify the killing of preborn children and attempt to portray a “safe, legal abortion,” shows like this still depict women losing a piece of themselves—their child.


You can never glorify the murder of innocent babies or portray abortion as “normalized” or “safe.” In each and every abortion, a baby dies and a family loses a child. Abortion is murder and there’s no hiding that. That is why these portrayals will always fail.





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