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We get excited when checking Instagram because pro-lifers love to share their love and enthusiasm for LIFE by posting pictures. So we have compiled some of our favorite ones to share with you!


1. Pro-lifers share their pro-life tees anytime they can!

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2. Pro-lifers cannot miss participating in National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.

A post shared by Alisa (@busyquiltmom) on

3. Pro-lifers share their love for LIFE and God in beautiful and creative ways.

A post shared by IngaMae Carlin (@ingamae) on

4. Pro-lifers share their own personal stories about why they chose LIFE.

5. Pro-lifers share their sometimes awkward experiences while wearing their pro-life tees.

6. Pro-lifers in massive groups share their experiences partaking in pro-life activism.

7. Pro-lifers take any opportunity to show off their style while sporting their pro-life gear.

8. Pro-lifers evangelize by sharing their own stories while participating in pro-life activism.

9. Pro-lifers get artsy with chalk to share a beautiful message.

A post shared by Sarah D (@aceviolingirl) on

10. Pro-lifers aren’t afraid to perform a courageous and peaceful act to emphasize the horror of abortion.

Take part in the action by posting your own pro-life photo on Instagram using #LifeDefender! And while you’re at it, follow us to see our memes and to see us in action.





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