Have you seen The Good Doctor? It’s a new hospital drama on ABC about an autistic resident surgeon. Here’s our take on the show.

Like many mainstream TV shows, The Good Doctor definitely earns its TV-14 rating with situations and themes best viewed by a more mature audience (this show is not for young or sensitive teens). Despite its mature content, we were surprised by a few life-affirming moments—something you don’t normally see on primetime!

From his quick thinking in the airport to his awkward (but providential!) midnight visit to the home of one of his patients, Dr. Shaun Murphy makes the well-being of his patients his primary concern. He doesn’t care what others think or about whether he is risking his job, his friends, or his career. Dr. Murphy focuses on saving lives because he knows people matter more than accolades and careers. In one episode, he runs a test on a terminally ill patient, knowing that he has only a 0.3 percent chance of helping him, and possibly giving false hope, but he believes that even that tiny chance is enough. He takes that risk because he never wants to give up on anyone, even if that means giving false hope to 332 patients and only being able to save one. “Isn’t that worth it?” he asks his boss.  

Like Dr. Murphy, we in the pro-life movement are not trying to save lives because we want to win public recognition. We are in this fight because we care about all the babies, moms, people with disabilities, and senior citizens constantly under attack. We’re committed to saving the lives of all human beings. Even if we had the chance of only saving one person’s life, we would risk everything because every single human being is invaluable.

The Good Doctor affirms the life of even the smallest human beings. Episode 4 addressed a very sensitive topic—abortion in a case when the mother’s life may be at risk. In the episode, the head surgeon pressures a mother to have an abortion so she can save her own life, but she staunchly refuses. The mother is willing to risk death in order to save the life of her child. Her courage helps the surgeons realize that they are caring for the lives of two patients, not just one. During the surgery, one surgeon forgets his rhetoric for a moment and uses the word “baby” instead of “fetus.” (SPOILER ALERT: When the surgery is a success, even the surgeons understand that they saved two lives that day—the mother and her child.)

Even in difficult situations, abortion is never the answer. As pro-lifers, we value the lives of every human being. Every single person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

In a world that does not value people of all abilities, it’s inspiring to see a show that recognizes the gifts that every person has. While The Good Doctor doesn’t get everything right, its few life-affirming moments offer a glimmer of hope in our fight to end the culture of death.

What are your thoughts on The Good Doctor so far? Let us know in the comments below!




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