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When someone says, “I’m pro-life,” some people may just think, “Oh, they are against abortion.” But is being against the death of innocent preborn babies all there is to being pro-life? The answer is no. Being pro-life does include protecting preborn babies, but it also includes protecting other lives such as the elderly, the disabled, the handicapped, and those on life support. We shouldn’t just respect the lives of these people; we should ALWAYS protect their lives, no matter the circumstance or position we are put in. This is called being unconditionally pro-life

Being unconditionally pro-life means respecting and standing up for life in ALL of its stages. Abortion, for example, is one of the largest, globally fought battles. To be unconditionally pro-life when it comes to abortion means never finding an excuse to kill an innocent baby. Someone might say, “I think aborting a baby is wrong, unless. . . .” Their reasons could be a high-risk pregnancy, a crisis pregnancy, or the child potentially having a severe disability. Saying that an innocent child should die because of any reason is not pro-life. If a person believes in abortion, he does not truly respect and cherish life. To paraphrase my sister, a pro-life ministry worker: If someone believes in abortion, he falls into one of two categories. Either he doesn’t believe that a baby’s life begins at his beginning, or he believes in killing innocent people.

Another part of being pro-life is respecting the lives of the elderly. Some people may believe that the elderly should not receive medicine or medical help solely because they are old. They believe that the elderly have lived their lives and are going to die soon anyway, so there is no point in “wasting” time and medication on them. Supporting and helping the elderly is part of being pro-life. People do not always realize that the elderly are almost as vulnerable as preborn children. Both stages of life must be respected and loved.

The preborn and the elderly are not the only stages of life that are threatened. Many disabled children, teens, and adults are at risk. People with disabilities are sometimes not even respected as humans, similar to the preborn. A large reason those with disabilities are at risk is because of finances. Families that fear they will not be able to support a disabled child sometimes choose not to let the child be born. A family may abort the child, buy minimal medication, or not go through with necessary medical procedures. What many of these families don’t always see is that there are people who WILL support, help treat, or even adopt a disabled child. It is not only children with disabilities who are threatened though. All ages of the disabled are at risk. Every disabled person should be supported fully; supporting them, no matter their condition, is being unconditionally pro-life.

Being unconditionally pro-life is important, but can be difficult at times, especially for a high school student. While in high school, teens are trying to find themselves and can sometimes get a little lost. It is important to remain pro-life though. Saint John Paul II said to be pro-life we need to “proclaim, celebrate, and serve the gospel of life.” This means everyone, including students. It may seem difficult as a student to be actively pro-life in everyday life. There are many ways to be active though. A great way is to join a pro-life club. Pro-life clubs are easy and can be fun. These clubs usually participate in activities such as visiting assisted-living homes, raising pro-life awareness, and praying outside of abortion clinics. Not only does the student grow closer to the pro-life community, but this also raises local awareness, encouraging more people to become involved. Another way to be actively pro-life is to attend a pro-life rally in a nearby area. A pro-life organization that holds many campaigns and rallies is 40 Days for Life. 40 Days for Life holds peaceful prayer sessions outside of abortion clinics not only throughout the United States, but throughout the world. This is just one example of the many organizations that can help people, including students of all ages, become very involved in the pro-life community. An easy and very effective way to be pro-life as a student is through prayer. Many teens do not realize how powerful prayer really is. The simplest of prayers can make the biggest differences. Offering a prayer every day for those threatened by the pro-abortion community can make all the difference. Also, praying for those who work in the pro-life ministry is important.

There are so many ways for adults, students, and younger children to become involved in the pro-life community. Becoming active helps people to see how important it is to be unconditionally pro-life. It can be difficult to remain unconditionally pro-life when there are people all around, challenging the way pro-lifers think. With prayer, faith, and trust in God, the entire pro-life community will overcome their doubts and fears. One person, young or old, can make a difference, help the pro-life community, and remain unconditionally pro-life.


© 2018 Jane Britton. Published with permission.




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