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Summer is an exciting time of year—one nearly everyone has been looking forward to! We enjoy beautiful, sunny weather; beach trips; long nights; outdoor activities; and so much more. While we take these months to relax and unwind, we also have the opportunity to make the world a better place by being pro-life activists. There are many ways to get involved with pro-life activities and become a part of this amazing movement. We’ll show you a few of these ways.

  1. Volunteer at a local pregnancy center. These types of centers are always looking for assistance. You can directly help expectant mothers and save one life at a time. You could also donate much-needed baby items.
  2. Contact your local representative. Reach out to elected officials and explain about your cause. There is power in numbers, and if many pro-life individuals reach out to representatives with heartfelt letters and phone calls, the results will be rewarding. In addition, support pro-life elected officials. Volunteer for their campaigns, donate, and spread the word about their stance on this vital topic.
  3. Involve yourself with groups outside of a campus setting. During the school year it is crucial to be involved with pro-life groups on campus or to start a group if one does not already exist. But during the summer you can also mingle with fellow pro-lifers by starting a group within your church or community. Begin by bringing up the conversation with your youth group at church and getting people interested. Being a part of a pro-life group allows you to build friendships with those who share the same values as you and allows you to brainstorm new ideas for pro-life activism.
  4. Wear pro-life attire to help spread the message. Check out the merchandise on our website at Our 100% Pro-Life T-Shirt comes in three colors and all sizes. These shirts spread a positive message while compelling people to question what you are supporting. People may even inquire more about it.
  5. Educate yourself so you can explain to others why you are pro-life. The best way to persuade someone is to present facts. As pro-lifers, we must set a positive tone for the movement and stand firm on our faith and facts. Our website has many educational blogs and videos that would benefit someone who wants to learn more about abortion. Other websites such as and are also great resources.

Summer is the perfect time to become a pro-life activist. Even if you only follow one of these ideas, you will make great strides in helping our country turn toward a culture of life. As we work together, we can achieve a future where every life is valued. Saving preborn babies starts with you.

Tabitha Jackson is a student at Towson University. She is also apart of political organizations that are pro-life and support pro-life public officials. Her passion for ending abortion stems from her love of children and value for human life. © 2018 Tabitha Jackson. Published with permission.




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