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Often, we hear abortion supporters tell men that, since they can’t get pregnant and face the burden of an unplanned pregnancy, they have no place in the abortion debate “because it’s not a man’s issue.” Men’s voices are frequently ignored because “they can’t possibly know what it’s like.”

Yet, behind many abortions there is a man who grieves the loss of his child. This is a topic that everyone should educate themselves about, for it involves much more than simply women’s health. It is the direct taking of an innocent human life—a beautiful child with a soul.

We had the opportunity to speak with sidewalk counselor Kevin Williams from Colorado, and he explained why he began counseling in front of abortion clinics and how he responds when he is told he can’t have an opinion on abortion.


A while back, I had a heart-to-heart talk with one of the girls who comes to the abortion mill to oppose us. For many weeks, every time I would call out to girls going into the clinic and tell them that we have practical resources and that we love them and want to help them keep their babies in any way we possibly can, she would shout over me and try to drown me out with pro-abortion slogans.

One day she came up and asked, “Can we have a little chat?” I said, “Sure.” She went on to say that these girls going into the clinic were likely having the worst day of their entire lives and they didn’t need someone like me yelling at them over a loudspeaker. She said that she thought that it was a form of abuse and harassment. Then she asked, “Why do you come here and do this anyway? You’re not even a woman!”

I then told her how the love of my life died of cancer 11 years ago. I told her how wonderful Sharon was and how beautiful and gentle and kind and hardworking and generous she was. She said, “I’m sorry for your loss.” I then told her how soft and well-spoken she was, except when she was around children. Then she would be agitated and easily provoked and say things that were totally uncharacteristic of her nature. So one day I asked her why. I said, “Baby, why do you act like this around children? You don’t act like this any other time.” Then she broke down weeping and sobbing as she told me something that she had kept secret for many years. She said she had an unplanned pregnancy and her significant other made her have an abortion and then get a tubal ligation so she could never have children. She was crying uncontrollably as she told me that she had always just wanted to be a mother. 

I then told the girl that every time that God uses me to turn a girl from abortion that Sharon’s life and death and broken heart weren’t in vain. That every time I help a girl to heal after an abortion, it honors her. That her story is now helping women and saving lives.

I then told the girl how the pro-life community here helped a girl who chose life continue her education and that she recently graduated and now has a career in law enforcement. I told her of another girl who messaged me and said her family had run out of propane to heat their home. (The forecast predicted a temperature of zero that night.) I sent out an e-mail and the next day 16 people either bought propane or offered to. I told her that we often help girls financially who choose life.

Then this girl who had, for months, been screaming at me said, “Then you people are doing the Lord’s work here!” She even gave me a hug! Please pray for her heart to be put on a path to conversion. Pray that God draws her by His Spirit and seals her for His own.

Published with permission.




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