Sample Acts of Kindness for The Preborn:

1. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.

2. Donate baby supplies to your local shelter, Goodwill, or pregnancy home.

3. Volunteer to babysit—FOR FREE

4. Peacefully protest outside an abortion clinic.

5. Participate in the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children by honoring the gravesites of our aborted brothers and sisters.

6. Spend quality time with a pregnant mother. You could treat her to lunch.

7. Make “congratulations on the birth of your child” cards for mothers and deliver them to a hospital.

8. Write pro-life chalk messages on your school or neighborhood’s sidewalk.

9. Make a meal for a new mom or expectant mother.

10. Offer help to an expectant mother, new mom, or single mom in any way she needs.

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