Invite a Life Defender to speak at an event, on your campus, to your class, or to your community.

Our goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire our audience to join us in creating a culture of life. We are unique in that we can speak on any topic related to human dignity!

We can speak via either Facetime or Skype or travel to your location to speak in person.


(We can tailor our topic to your event! Ask us how.)

Pro-Life Activism Made Easy

This engaging talk uncovers why pro-life activism is crucial and how young people can easily partake in it. This talk will motivate even the shyest person to become active in defending preborn children.


The Truth behind Abortion

This powerful presentation begins by showing the basic prenatal development of a human being. It then explains the methods of abortion without the use of graphic photos. The audience will learn what the most common form of abortion is and why it is so easy for women to be deceived into having an abortion.


The Culture of Death Is Bigger Than Abortion

This talk demonstrates how the culture of death glorifies abortion, physician-assisted suicide, IVF, and contraception. It explains in the simplest terms what these dangers are and how we can combat a culture that promotes the destruction of human beings.

Uncovering Planned Parenthood

This talk is completely centered on the deception behind Planned Parenthood’s strategies. The audience will learn shocking facts about this organization, including information about its financial records, its abortion tactics, its careless treatment of women, and much more. This talk will inspire everyone to protest Planned Parenthood!


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